Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

01/03/08 At The Top (and the bottom) / Gainesville, FL

It was hard to find foot traffic in Gainesville on public property. The Walmart parking lot was the busiest place in town but operating the trailer would have been soliciting. We recorded a couple of mantras in the parking lot of the 2nd Street Bakery, but the cold and lack of public spaces made Gainesville a bust.

Erika and I spent our last night in Gainesville having a hearty meal at The Top while summing up the trials, errors and triumphs of being on the road. We made plenty of lists, things for the trailer, rules for scheduling work and recovery days, what makes a good location, best weather conditions, requirements for a good hosting situation. I was reminded of a mantra recorded in Durham, TRY AGAIN, FAIL AGAIN, FAIL BETTER.

We ended our evening visiting our fascinating host, film maker, Roger Beebe, at his shop, Video Rodeo. Thanks Roger!

See if you can guess the emotional states of mind we reenacted from our Mantra Trailer experience.

photo strip

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