Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

01/19/08 Mantra Trailer Trailer – spoils of desire

This is the third in a series of Mantra Trailer Trailers that explore transitional states of being. An affair of the heart can be irresistible in the moment but ultimately what are you left with when it’s all over?

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One Response to “Mantra Trailer Trailer – spoils of desire”

  1. Elrond Hubbard Says:

    Oh my God. Whoever said “Moist panties” is a genius. I’ve heard of more than one person in the world who has psychosomatic reactions to the word “moist,” and I presume it is “panties” that they imagine the “moist” to be about. When you play these for people, do people ever get up and walk out of the room?

    Which brings us to another question which is, who can perhaps think of the grossest mantra?