Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

05/10/09 Just Fishing / Sacramento River Delta, CA

trailer at campground

This weekend I went to the Sacramento River Delta with my friend, Bret, and we took the trailer. But it wasn’t the Mantra Trailer when we left Treasure Island where it’s been parked for almost a year. Without the sign board it was just a fishing trailer and a pretty shabby one at that.

Later in the trip I spent some time putting up new mantras on the blank walls of the trailer and once again it was transformed. See EVERY DAY IS A FISHING DAY.

If I keep the trailer for years to come, it will forever be the Mantra Trailer, even on holiday. From now on I will always travel with the messages recorded in the trailer. There is something magic about the words. They give the Mantra Trailer it’s voice and a presence that seems to emanate from the interior out. It has personality.

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