Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

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09/04/09 5 MORE DAYS, GET GOOD GRADES / Roanoke, VA

Trailer with lettering: 5 MORE DAYS, GET GOOD GRADES

Appearance hosted by the Art Musuem of Western Virginia.

08/24/09 Saturday’s Group Stitching Mantra / Greensboro, NC

Group Stitching Mantra

Twenty-five women contributed to the first Group Stitching Mantra at the Weatherspoon Art Museum on August 22, 2009. Each person voiced one word or sound of their mantra every time their needle pierced the cloth of their embroidery hoops. Everyone seemed to enjoy stitching and connecting to their voice in community. People were energized by the experience.

When I listen to this recording I hear the group’s desire to harmonize and become one.

At the beginning all voices are in the person role except for the leader’s refrain HELLO – FRIENDS – HELLO, which opens in a member role voice.

Halfway through the recording many more voices can be heard shifting into membership role. Their words become more distinct and take on more authority. These voices seem to lead the harmony as others join with them.

I also hear a few voices punctuating the harmony with difference, but the difference is never fully joined to the point where chaos takes hold.

Two-thirds through the recording you can hear a climax (literally!) as the harmonizers seek to respond to a single voice that stands outside their group. The harmonizing energy rises to meet the difference and in this way the difference becomes integrated into the harmony as call and response. Afterwards the harmonizing continues, but on a slightly different path.

There are many voices that remain in person role, spoken quietly and never clearly enough to be heard. These voices blend to create an indistinct but pervasive white noise in the background. These person role voices only shift to member role as other members become silent. Another way to say this is that the member role is thrust onto them as more and more voices fall silent.

This particular Group Stitching Mantra ends with one such voice, barely audible, repeating the refrain LOVE – LOVE – LOVE, joined only with the breath of another member, as the rest of the group listens.

Finally I wonder if the session had gone longer, would there have been an uprising? What would it take, for members bored or frustrated with the pleasant message and comforting wall of tone that prevailed, to express a difference?

08/08/09 GOD I AM I AM GOD / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: GOD I AM I AM GOD

07/28/09 OM BENA SATO SAMAYA / Santa Monica, CA

Trailer with lettering: OM BENA SATO SAMAYA

100 syllable mantra, the chanting of which is used in rituals of purification.

07/09/09 PADA SITA GURU OHM / Galesburg, IL

Trailer with lettering: PADA SITA GURU OHM

07/01/09 NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO / UC Santa Cruz, CA

Trailer with lettering: NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO

Chanting Namu-myoho-renge-kyo–also known as “Daimoku”–is the primary practice of some 12 million SGI Buddhist members throughout the world.

10/01/08 MAKE ART – SLOW DOWN / Roanoke, VA

Trailer with lettering: MAKE ART – SLOW DOWN

Mantra Trailer appearance hosted by the Art Musuem of Western Virginia.


Trailer with lettering: WE ARE ONE WITH THE INFINITE SUN

05/13/08 CHAZAK CHAZAK VENIT CHAZEK / Charlottesville, VA

Trailer with lettering: CHAZAK CHAZAK VENIT CHAZEK

Hebrew blessing: “Strong, strong, and let us be strengthened!” follows the conclusion of each of the five books of the Torah.

05/01/08 OPEN YOUR HEART / VCCA, Amherst, VA

Trailer with lettering: OPEN YOUR HEART


02/15/08 PLAY LAUGH GROW / Roanoke, VA

Trailer with lettering: PLAY LAUGH GROW

Mantra Trailer appearance hosted by the Art Musuem of Western Virginia.

12/31/07 BISMILLAH / Decatur, GA

A Sufi chant, In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate.

12/13/07 OH MY GOODNESS / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC

12/07/07 I’M WALKING IN MY SPIRIT / Wings Community Arts Ctr, Durham, NC

Trailer with lettering: I’M WALKING IN MY SPIRIT


This is a sufi chant that means “I offer myself as a vehicle of the One, who is Mercy & Compassion.” Here’s more about the Meaning of Bismillah

Mantra Trailer appearance hosted by the Art Musuem of Western Virginia.

12/01/07 BRING IT TO FRUITION / Roanoke, VA

Appearance hosted by the Art Musuem of Western Virginia.

11/28/07 Signboard Heaven / Lynchburg, VA

Filmed during a residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts in November. Lynchburg is the home of Liberty Universtity, founded by Jerry Falwell. Fast food empoyees say “It’s an honor to serve you and have a blessed day.” There’s a church signboard on every corner.

11/17/07 JESUS JESUS JESUS YOU ARE THE WAY / 9th St, Durham, NC

11/13/07 WIGG OUT / 9th Street, Durham, NC


10/29/07 CHOOSE HAPPINESS / Blue Mountain Center, NY

10/25/07 OM TARA TU TARA TU TARA TURE TURE SVAHA / Blue Mountain Center, NY

10/19/07 OHM / Durham, NC

An interesting explanation of the universal nature of Ohm.

09/30/07 OMNAMSHIVA / Blue Mountain Center, NY

09/27/07 NINA NINA NINA / The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH

09/07/07 NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO / The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH

The phrase NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO is taken from the title of the greatest teaching of the first historically recorded Buddha, known as Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha, who lived in India around 500 years before Christ was born. This teaching, called the Lotus Sutra, declares that all living beings, regardless of gender or intelligence (that means everyone – including you and me!), have the potential to attain Buddhahood. In the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha teaches that inside each one of us a universal truth known as the Buddha nature.