Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

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04/04/08 Defiant Participation / Bethany College, WV

were all in shit together

The weather was gloomy and the participation was light yet defiant at Bethany College, my alma mater. It seems some students wanted something edgier on the side of the trailer. Over night the mantra changed from WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER to WE’RE ALL IN SHIT TOGETHER. It brought back memories of late night pranks wrought during my college days.

03/29/08 Graciously Accepting Rejection / Davidson College, Davidson, NC

I was at Davidson College the day after their Friday night NCAA win. It was cold and rainy and a large percentage of the student body was in Detroit but I still managed to get 19 people into the trailer. Their mantras were awesome.

I felt a new sense of integration while interacting with people who were less interested in participating. Graciously accepting rejection eased the experience of discomfort for me and the rejecting audience. Letting go of a personal sense of rejection freed me to encounter the next exchange with fewer defenses.

01/11/08 Summit Coffee / Davidson, NC

me with trailer

My last stop on the winter tour finishes with another warm reception in the college town of Davidson, NC – plus a mention in the local news blog,

Thanks to another truly AWESOME host, my dear friend Buzz and his friends at Summit Coffee.