Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

Tag: faith

09/09/09 WHAT GOD HAS FOR ME / VCCA, Amherst, VA

08/23/09 NO SOUL’S LOST / Decatur, GA

07/29/09 TAN CIERTO / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: TAN CIERTO

I am here
as certain as the air that I breath,
as certain as the morning rises,
as certain as I sing for you and you can hear me.

07/13/09 KORAN BEAT / Chicago, IL

Trailer with lettering: KORAN BEAT

A passage from the Koran and a beat was running through this man’s head. I saw him humming it as he was walking by the Mantra Trailer on Michigan Ave. I don’t know the verse reference to the Koran. If you recognize it please drop me a comment.


09/13/08 I JUST THANK GOD / Athens, GA

04/12/08 JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC

04/09/08 YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC

12/13/07 OH MY GOODNESS / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC

12/07/07 I’M WALKING IN MY SPIRIT / Wings Community Arts Ctr, Durham, NC

11/17/07 JESUS JESUS JESUS YOU ARE THE WAY / 9th St, Durham, NC

10/14/07 YOU ARE EVEN NOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC

10/14/07 A SEED OF GOD TURNS INTO GOD / United Church of Chapel Hill, NC