Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

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08/11/09 FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS / Durham, NC

Trailer with lettering: FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS

Bulgarian folk saying.

07/29/09 TAN CIERTO / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: TAN CIERTO

I am here
as certain as the air that I breath,
as certain as the morning rises,
as certain as I sing for you and you can hear me.

07/28/09 OM BENA SATO SAMAYA / Santa Monica, CA

Trailer with lettering: OM BENA SATO SAMAYA

100 syllable mantra, the chanting of which is used in rituals of purification.

07/13/09 KORAN BEAT / Chicago, IL

Trailer with lettering: KORAN BEAT

A passage from the Koran and a beat was running through this man’s head. I saw him humming it as he was walking by the Mantra Trailer on Michigan Ave. I don’t know the verse reference to the Koran. If you recognize it please drop me a comment.

07/01/09 NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO / UC Santa Cruz, CA

Trailer with lettering: NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO

Chanting Namu-myoho-renge-kyo–also known as “Daimoku”–is the primary practice of some 12 million SGI Buddhist members throughout the world.

06/17/09 NACHAS / Atlanta, GA

Trailer with lettering: NACHAS

Yiddish dictionary online

05/13/08 CHAZAK CHAZAK VENIT CHAZEK / Charlottesville, VA

Trailer with lettering: CHAZAK CHAZAK VENIT CHAZEK

Hebrew blessing: “Strong, strong, and let us be strengthened!” follows the conclusion of each of the five books of the Torah.


Trailer with lettering: KERTÉSZ LESZEK FÁT NEVELEK

Kertész leszek, fát nevelek, I’ll be a gardener of trees
kelô nappal én is kelek, with the rising sun I’ll rise

From a poem by the Hungarian poet, Jozsef Attila.

12/06/07 ASCOTTI IS HUNGRY / Amherst, VA

10/20/07 CONACARAJO / Durham, NC

Cussing in Cuba, description of how the choice of cuss words is regionally based.

10/09/07 BAHALA NA / The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH


It comes easy: loneliness, happiness
And everything in between. Even the hair
You stroked almost by accident
In a crowded room, it is yours
To keep. Like the stars in the sky that neatly
Fit in the pockets. At least that’s what
Children believe. Theirs is the simple way
Of walking that we must keep learning
Each day. This too comes, like the ready
Laughter when we insist it was not us—
But a passer-by—who broke wind.
We want to complain about the sad fate
Of our country, but on the tip of our tongues
That last-song syndrome we heard yesterday
Wants to be sung. If we get a coughing fit,
It’s because someone’s thinking of us back home
Or we’re being dreamt of by strangers
We have yet to meet in some foreign land:
Those we’ve wronged who want us more than dead,
Those who want so much of us, their love kills.
We think of them too when we pick our noses,
When we forget to take our vitamins—
Whichever comes to us first late this morning.

–Paolo Manalo