Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

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07/12/09 HOME AWAY FROM HOME / Durham, NC

01/15/08 Mantra Trailer Trailer – you belong here

This is the second in a series of Mantra Trailer Trailers that explore transitional states of being.

For the last few years I’ve set my sight on relocating to the Bay Area. I arrived today in the Berkeley Hills where I’m staying with a friend for a few weeks while getting acclimated to the area. Personally the Mantra Trailer journey is about finding home, uprooting and sending out new shoots. The mantras included in this trailer were recorded by three of my best friends in Durham, NC. I asked them to consider a mantra that addressed their sense of place, neighborhood, home and community.

01/05/08 Long Point Park / Vero Beach, FL

Erika is staying a few extra days with a friend in Vero Beach, FL and will be flying back to Chapel Hill later in the week. I’m taking the two-night stay at Long Point Park in Melbourne Beach, FL to pull away into solitude and enjoy time alone in the trailer.

After our fun evening at The Top the night before, I checked email and found a big fat rejection email waiting for me from the Creative Capital Foundation. The next day we took the Mantra Trailer to Daytona Beach. It was rejection on top of rejection and disappointment. Maybe it was my state of mind, maybe it was the tourist mentality? I couldn’t get a single person to listen to me for 10 seconds let alone enter the trailer. I felt down and out on the project. My mantra for the day was I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I’m taking this time alone at Long Point Park to re-center and find my track.

Thanks Erika for being such a patient, non-judgemental mirror and traveling partner.

12/22/07 Bonding with the trailer / Durham, NC

Last night was my first night sleeping in the trailer. Now that I’ve given up both my studio and apartment I’m trying to relocate my sense of “home” to the trailer. I’m like a snail carrying my shelter with me wherever I go. Tomorrow I leave for South Carolina to spend time with my family for the holidays. They don’t know I’m bringing the trailer!

Carrying my shelter like a snail or reminds me of Elizabeth Demaray‘s project to fabricate shells for hemit crabs.


11/03/07 WILL YOU PLEASE DO YOUR DISHES / Blue Mountain Center, NY

09/30/07 IT’S NOT FAIR / Blue Mountain Center, NY