Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

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09/01/09 THE TIME IS RIGHT / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: THE TIME IS RIGHT

08/31/09 LOVE IS ALL / San Francisco, CA

08/20/09 IT’S GOING TO BE OK / San Francisco, CA

08/18/09 CALM MY ANGER / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: CALM MY ANGER

08/08/09 GOD I AM I AM GOD / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: GOD I AM I AM GOD

08/01/09 TALK TO ME / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: TALK TO ME

07/29/09 TAN CIERTO / San Francisco, CA

Trailer with lettering: TAN CIERTO

I am here
as certain as the air that I breath,
as certain as the morning rises,
as certain as I sing for you and you can hear me.

07/28/09 OM BENA SATO SAMAYA / Santa Monica, CA

Trailer with lettering: OM BENA SATO SAMAYA

100 syllable mantra, the chanting of which is used in rituals of purification.

07/12/09 Mantra Trailer at Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival / San Francisco, CA

The Mantra Trailer will make an appearance at the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, July 18 from Noon – 4 PM, in John McLaren Park @ Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, near 40 John F Shelley Drive @ Mansell Street, San Francisco, CA.

I’ll be inviting people into the trailer and giving away free CD’s of My Favorite Mantras from NOON until 4 PM. The music lasts until 8 PM. So come out, enjoy the music and explore your mantra!

Appearance sponsored by the Weatherspoon Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition, Our Subject Is You.


06/26/09 I FEEL MY FEET ON THE FLOOR / San Francisco, CA

06/23/09 MONEY MONEY COME TO ME / San Francisco, CA

02/14/08 Sunset at the Sunset / San Francisco

Brenda Hutchinson is ringing bells at sunrise and sunset. She is convinced that “something as inarguable as the movement of the earth can be used as a point of unity and awareness among large groups of people who might otherwise find it impossible to agree.”

I’m house sitting for Brenda in the Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco. She lives ten blocks from the ocean. I decided to join her mantra of bell ringing – at least for one day. You can join her too at DailyBell2008.