Trailer with lettering: BAH DAH

Tag: sound

09/13/09 BAH DAH / Santa Monica, CA

08/08/09 GOD I AM I AM GOD / San Francisco, CA

07/13/09 KORAN BEAT / Chicago, IL

Trailer with lettering: KORAN BEAT

A passage from the Koran and a beat was running through this man’s head. I saw him humming it as he was walking by the Mantra Trailer on Michigan Ave. I don’t know the verse reference to the Koran. If you recognize it please drop me a comment.

07/06/09 I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU / Galesburg, IL

Trailer with lettering: I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU

06/19/09 SHHH TONGA / Durham, NC

05/15/08 SEA LION MANTRA / Santa Cruz, CA

03/13/08 FINISH THE FOOD / Blue Mountain Center, NY

Trailer with lettering: FINISH THE FOOD

02/27/08 HAHA HEE HEE HAHA HA / VCCA, Amherst, VA

Trailer with lettering: HAHA HEE HEE HAHA HA

This group laugh was recorded at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. There were seven people in the trailer.

02/14/08 Sunset at the Sunset / San Francisco

Brenda Hutchinson is ringing bells at sunrise and sunset. She is convinced that “something as inarguable as the movement of the earth can be used as a point of unity and awareness among large groups of people who might otherwise find it impossible to agree.”

I’m house sitting for Brenda in the Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco. She lives ten blocks from the ocean. I decided to join her mantra of bell ringing – at least for one day. You can join her too at DailyBell2008.

12/21/07 Mantra Trailer Trailer – struggle

This is the first of a series of Mantra Trailer Trailers that explore transitional states of being. These spring from personal experience but I hope they will translate well enough in the world. This Trailer reflects the way I feel about undertaking such a huge creative project as the Mantra Trailer.

12/12/07 SO HAH / VCCA, Amherst, VA

12/10/07 BIJIGABATCHICAJIKA… / Wilkerson Ave, Durham, NC

11/28/07 BRAVO! / VCCA, Amherst, VA

11/13/07 WIGG OUT / 9th Street, Durham, NC